Summer Art Exhibit by mural artist Toni Miraldi

Come check out the newest art exhibit, entitled Upcycle, by mural artist Toni Miraldi, on view at Danbury’s Hancock Hall, now through August 18, 2017.
This body of recent work focuses on the concept of upcycling: taking a disused or discarded object and incorporating it into the art. The pieces in the Upcycle exhibit include boards from abandoned shipping crates, discontinued drapery fabric, leftover paint and an old payphone.

payphoneHancock Hall’s great expanses of wall meant that there was an opportunity to display larger works than she normally has the chance to produce. And the fact that one of the walls had a payphone–a relic in the age of cell phones–not only fit really well with the Upcycle theme, but also gave her the chance to design a creative mural around it.